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martes, 1 de septiembre de 2009 Comments off
karuneKarune, Community Manager, vuelve a responder a varias preguntas realizadas por fans en

Karune: Roaches move while burrowing?

There have been recent rumors on that the roach is now able to move while burrowed. Confirm/Deny?

The development team is currently experimenting with Roaches that can move while burrowed. The Roach will also have a speed upgrade as well, which will make its base speed (close to a Zealot without charge) increase to a speed slightly slower than a Stalker. At the moment, Roaches while burrowed move roughly half the speed as it would above ground.

This new mechanic should open up some pretty cool micro strategies in positioning for the Roach, since essentially the best role it currently plays is as a tank, soaking up damage from the enemy.

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