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Karune vuelve a estar activo

martes, 1 de septiembre de 2009
karuneKarune, Community Manager, vuelve a responder a varias preguntas realizadas por fans en

Karune: Roaches move while burrowing?

There have been recent rumors on that the roach is now able to move while burrowed. Confirm/Deny?

The development team is currently experimenting with Roaches that can move while burrowed. The Roach will also have a speed upgrade as well, which will make its base speed (close to a Zealot without charge) increase to a speed slightly slower than a Stalker. At the moment, Roaches while burrowed move roughly half the speed as it would above ground.

This new mechanic should open up some pretty cool micro strategies in positioning for the Roach, since essentially the best role it currently plays is as a tank, soaking up damage from the enemy.

Karune: thoughts on zerg?

So in the past I’ve heard Dustin saying that zerg were the weakest in-house. However, reading some write ups and what not that people have written from blizzon and noticing the voting from daily SC, I see a lot of people voting zerg as the most powerful.

So I wonder, in your opinion, has my favorite race made a comeback in terms of balance? I realize getting a few hours of play at Blizzcon is no way to make accurate balance judgements. Hence, I now ask you.

The balance in which the developers are referring to is very relative. 90% of players probably will not feel the game is unbalanced. At the higher levels, we are continuously trying to balance the game further, but most of that will happen during beta when we have a large pool of players to test the game.

In short, don’t worry 馃檪 We’ll get this thing balanced with the community’s help as well.

Question for Xordiah or Karune, Cavez.

The Probe deals 2 damage? like every other worker right? cause I remember that when the Terran AI kicked my butt I started to harass with my Probes and I’ve noticed that Probes deal 2 damage and I was bit shocked.
Can I get an confirm on this? Because I am not 100% sure.

Probes attack for 5 damage.

A few 2.0/editor questions for blue~

I watched the live stream for 2.0, and some of the questions after the presentation lead me to ask a few more.

Will there be an ability to add stat tracking for custom maps both free and premium? Such as personalized ladders for maps and their updates perhaps?

Will a premium map need to have a specific set of requirements to become a premium map? IE. must have unique models.

Do you think it would be possible to make a 2d fighter such as Street fighter with the editor? I know you guys are adding mouse look, but will you be able to add in things like combination inputs? Such as QCF (quarter circle forward) + A (punch) to make a hadouken? I imagine combination inputs could have a wide array of possibilities outside of my suggestion.

Stat tracking and personalized ladders for maps will be possible, but may not be at launch of the game. Premium maps will have requirements, but those are still to be determined.

Sounds like you are going to make StarCraft Street Fighter…which you could definitely count on me downloading.

Monthly Fee 2.0?!

Blizzard; Is this true?

Is 2.0 free of charge? And the only charges is for extra features that is not really necassary… or is that site telling the truth?

As mentioned before, players will be able to use for free when they purchase the full version of StarCraft II. There have been no changes to this.

More of that careful wording. Can you please clarify? If Blizz doesn’t think you 芦purchased the full version of StarCraft II禄 (however you determine that – how you determine it is another question you can consider asked), what happens? Can you still play single player? Obviously you can’t play for free, but can you play it with a monthly or one-time fee? Or are you entirely locked out until Blizz thinks you really did purchase SC2?
Also, 芦full version禄 just means 芦what you buy after release, either as a retail DVD or any authorized online download locations禄 (i.e. 芦not alpha, beta, or demo禄), right? Or is there some more complex thing I’m missing?

lol- here is one simple scenario:

When you buy StarCraft II from the store, you will be able to play on for free. This is not a temporary trial of

Not purchasing the full version would include any illegal method of attaining software. In that case, you would not be able to get on


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